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Hosting A Caribbean Dinner Party

There’s nothing like a delicious Caribbean meal made with an eloquent blend of spices. In fact, no Caribbean dinner party would be complete without spices because that’s how ordinary dishes are transformed into flavorful statements.

No matter the temperature outdoors, it’s always a good time to heat up your life by hosting a groovy dinner party with a theme inspired by the Caribbean islands!

Keep reading to find out the must-have Karen’s Spice Kitchen spice mixes you’ll need to turn up the pizzazz for the party AND the palates of your guests.

These blends contain all the necessary spices pre-measured and blended so that creating these meals is super easy.

For non-meat eaters, simply swap out the meat and substitute with vegetables, tofu, or other plant protein of your choice.

A Sweet Taste of South Africa with Bobotie

Although Bobotie is a curried meatloaf inspired from South African cuisine, a Bobotie spice blend is perfect for a Caribbean flair. This dish brings a sweet flavor to the table, offering a milder curry taste. But how is it Caribbean themed, you ask? This blend of spices includes ginger, cumin, turmeric, and sweet fruit, which are all common ingredients in Caribbean dishes. With the Bobotie spice blend, you can make this dish in advance and heat it up in the oven just before you eat, leaving you with plenty of time to mingle with your guests.

Mango Chicken is a Little Milder Than Jerk Chicken

Yet another Caribbean-themed blend of spices that you certainly can’t host a dinner party without is the Mango Chicken Curry blend. This is a wonderful choice for creating that Caribbean vibe because the mixture contains some of the most popular ingredients used in island regions – tropical fruit, ginger, and turmeric, to name a few. This dish is also crafted using coconut milk, which is yet another staple of Caribbean cuisine. The end result? A mouth-watering, mild-flavored chicken curry with an eloquent blend of sweetness and spice.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Looking to turn up the heat? Grab the Chicken Tikka Masala blend. This delicious recipe is best served on a bed of rice with creamy, flavorful curry sauce, and then topped with fresh onion, tomato and garlic. Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of fresh cilantro for the final touch and a pop of color.

Karen’s Spice Kitchen spice blends provide a perfect combination of Caribbean and Indian flavors. This blend includes four of the most common within Caribbean cuisine - nutmeg, turmeric, cumin, and ginger. When combined with a little cardamom, a popular Indian spice, the result is a delicious medley of flavors from two of the world’s most exotic cuisines.

A Taste of Seafood with Indian Shrimp Curry

Although the name of this spice mixture clearly reads “Indian”, it should not be overlooked as the perfect addition to a Caribbean-themed dinner party. Caribbean cuisine incorporates plenty of seafood, which makes Shrimp Curry a great dinner party idea. The spice blend includes ginger, turmeric, and cumin, and the recipe is made with coconut milk, all staples of Caribbean cuisine. So, go ahead and serve up this saucy seafood dish your guests are sure to savor.

Vibrant Veggies for a Splash of Caribbean Flavor

Along with a meat or seafood main course, Caribbean cuisine almost always includes a generous portion of vegetables. The best part? Caribbean veggies are often always prepared with an extra splash of spices for a delectable flavor. So, serve up a meaty main course and add a side of veggies made with the South Indian Veggie Curry Spice Blend. The blend contains all of the Caribbean spices you need, and creates a rich, flavorful sauce that’ll have everyone excited to eat their veggies!

The Key to Good Food is in The Spices.

With Karen’s Spice Kitchen, you can turn any theme into a delightful and delicious meal. The pre-blended spice mixes mentioned here are certain to bring out the Caribbean flavor for you and your guests to enjoy at your next dinner party. But be warned – your guests may steal all the leftovers and/or ask you to cook for them more often! They will never be able to guess how easy it was with the help of Karen’s Spice Kitchen.

Check out KarensSpiceKitchen to find their store locator page or to order online. FREE shipping is offered when buying 4 or more of their 15 blends in the U.S.

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