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Eating Like a King Out in the Great Outdoors

By: Erin Paly

It’s summertime, which means there’s no better time to plan your next outdoor adventure!

No matter where you live, there is nothing quite like getting outside in the sunshine, listening to the chirping of the birds as the breeze blows and the tree branches sway.

As wonderful as it is to simply be out in nature, I’m sure we can all admit that one of the best parts of taking an outdoor trip is deciding on a menu for the trip! A lot can be done with a campfire or a small gas stove, but it can be difficult to decide which ingredients to bring for your culinary concoctions.

Whether you are headed on a cross-country RV trip, backpacking, or on a simple picnic in the mountains, parks or beaches with family or friends, you may be wondering what your options are for eating like a king while out in the sticks!

It’s time to get away from “camp food” and try something new and truly creative. Imagine sitting round a campfire, warding off the evening chill with a fragrant and delicious bowl of Chicken Tikka Masala or one of our other mouthwatering dishes.

Now, you might be thinking: “I can’t even pull off a complex international dish at home, so how am I supposed to do so during an outdoor getaway with limited supplies? Read on, my friend.

At Karen’s Spice Kitchen, we know how intimidating cooking complex meals can be, particularly those that require lots of spices to get that perfect taste. We’ve solved that problem for all of you outdoors-men and women, by measuring and mixing 15 unique spice blends to help you create a variety of mouthwatering dishes, such as chicken Tikka Masala and Thai Chicken Satay. Each great-tasting blend is conveniently packaged in its own individual packet, which includes an extra bag of chili powder if you like a little extra heat.

Now comes the best part for you outdoor adventurers: the only non-edible supplies you need are a cutting board (or simply use a plate), a knife, and ONE pot, making transportation, setup, AND cleanup incredibly quick and simple. To make it even easier, do the prep work at home before you leave! Chop the onions and cut up the meat and store in zip-lock bags or containers so they are ready to throw in the pot with your packet of pre-measured and blended spices.

Still tempted to stick with a classic meal such as burgers or grilled chicken? We have two blends that are perfect for grilling – our Hungarian Paprika blend and our Middle Eastern burgers/kabob blend. Use one of these blends to add an exotic touch to your standard camp foods!

Our authentic international meals can be cooked on a camp stove or right on an open fire! Turn your rustic getaway into an exotic culinary adventure – and create a meal fit for any king!

April 5, 2019

“Cross-country RV trip - five months. Karen's spices and the Instant Pot made it awesome and hassle-free. Amy's fave is the Bobotie meatloaf, and we're all about the Butter Chicken and other curries. Very tasty and extremely convenient!” – Charles and Amy E.

To order or to learn more, check out our website:, share with all your family and friends, and please let us know just how much you enjoyed our pre-blended spices, menu suggestions, and your meal!

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