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American Brew Stew™

By Erin Paly

Our beautiful town of Asheville, North Carolina has won many accolades throughout the years: the Happiest City, Hippie Town, Quirky, Weird, Eclectic, and perhaps most importantly, Beer City USA. To honor the beer renaissance in Asheville and across the country, Karen’s Spice Kitchen has released a signature spice blend...

AMERICAN BREW STEW: your choice of protein and/or vegetables simmered in a savory sauce made with onions, garlic, BEER (of course), and our special blend of spices in this hearty and delicious stew.

We have two different label designs – one for our locals and Asheville-loving folks called “Asheville Brew Stew”, as well as “American Brew Stew™” for everywhere else. Both packages contain the same wonderful blend of spices and the same ingredient list and recipe but only the American Brew Stew will be available for sale on the website.

If you really want the Asheville Brew Stew™ label, make a note on your order and we’ll send that one.

We invite you to celebrate our wonderful mountain town with a mouth-watering dish that is simple to make. Serve yourself a bowl, crack open a cold one (after finishing the one you opened to make the dish!), and enjoy!


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