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Get Cool (And Hot! 😉) For the Summer Season With Karen’s Spice Kitchen

By Erin Paly

It’s summer time! The sun is out, social activities are on again, and restaurants are back in business.

As fun as it may be to eat out with family or a group of friends, there is also nothing quite like a summer evening at home with a tasty meal simmering on the stove.

When you think of summer recipes, there are probably a lot of things that come to mind before curry! But did you know, curry is actually one of the best dishes for keeping cool when the weather outside is extra toasty?

According to an article in The Independent, a British newspaper, - curry is a fantastic hot weather meal option. This is largely due to the powerful effects of curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric (a common curry ingredient). Curcumin helps promote good circulation and blood flow, which helps to keep your body cool! But the heat of the dish helps too! Ever notice how your body reacts when you eat hot and spicy foods? Chances are you’ll start to sweat, and guess what… Sweating cools your body down!

Feeling a bit sluggish due to the intense heat? People in many Asian countries have long eaten spicy curries during hot weather to awaken the senses and therefore make themselves feel more energetic!

Still not convinced a nice steaming summer bowl of curry is for you? Well, let me ask you… how’s that summer bod coming along?! Curries are chock full of superfood ingredients that help to support a slim, strong, and healthy body!

Are you ready to get cool (and hot!) with all these incredible summer benefits of curry?!

A number of scientific studies have led to the conclusion that certain spices that are commonly used in curries — such as cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, peppers, and chilies — help to speed up the metabolism, while also decreasing the appetite. Now who doesn’t want that?!

Karen’s Spice Kitchen spice blends each contain a multitude of delicious, health-boosting spices – up to 18 in every blend! Nearly every ingredient needed to create a Karen’s Spice Kitchen recipe contains potent health-advancing qualities.

Cool down for the summer, eat delicious food, and fuel your body with the best ingredients – all with the help of Karen’s Spice Kitchen! To order or to learn more, check out our website and please share with all of your family and friends! Happy summer!


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