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Making Your Life Easy, Healthy and TASTY

By: Erin Paly

Butter Chicken Curry

A group of friends is coming for dinner this evening and my husband has been at work, which means he’s most likely been fasting since breakfast.

Tonight, is international cuisine night at our house - one of our favorite bimonthly events when we get to hang out with friends and enjoy our favorite ethnic dishes like Butter Chicken and South African Bobotie.

A couple of times I’ve headed out to the store to buy fresh garlic, onions and… oops - I realize I forgot my shopping list for that evening’s meal. Now what?

If I were shopping for any other recipe, I'd have to head all the way back home for my list. Not anymore.

As an entrepreneur, businesswoman and home maker all rolled up into one person, Karen Paly, creator and owner of Karen's Spice Kitchen, is no stranger to a busy lifestyle, and knows that we all forget things from time to time.

Each Karen’s Spice Kitchen spice blend has the full ingredient list conveniently featured on the back of each packet. But in case I’m out and about and don’t have it with me, the Karen’s Spice Kitchen website features a life-saving Shopping Lists tab that allows me to easily view the ingredient list, while shopping! Forget my list on the way to the store? No problem. I can conveniently look it up right on my phone! I just click a PDF icon and my ingredient list pops up.

We absolutely love trying out the many great tasting, healthy, and easy-to-make international dinners using Karen's Spice Kitchen's pre-blended spice packets.

I simply gather all the necessary food ingredients, whip out my pre-blended spice packet - cut, pour and stir and voila - a delicious, fool proof, exquisite meal.

If I had to measure out all the spices myself, it would take me well over an hour to prep for cooking. But with Karen's spice blends, I'm done in a fraction of the time. The fragrant aroma lifts my soul. And wow, what an incredible taste.

Karen is the ultimate self-proclaimed curry addict – going back all the way to her childhood in South Africa. Jason Sandford from Asheville News says, "Paly launched Karen’s Spice Kitchen to spread her curry credo and help make cooking with authentic, worldly flavors easier for home chefs."

If you're not a curry or international food lover yet, just give Karen's all-natural spice blends a try. The recipes are easily customizable in terms of ingredients and spice level. Vegetarian? Substitute veggies or plant protein for meat. (Karen adds an extra packet of hot chili powder in each spice packet in case you like the heat turned up!)

I must say that in the past I never considered myself a big fan of curry or a lot of flavor-rich spices in my dishes, but ever since I tried my first Karen’s Spice Kitchen spice blend… well I guess I can say I’ve been hooked!

Now, it’s time to get home and get to cooking!


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