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Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays!

By Erin Paly

As the days get shorter and the winter holidays peek around the corner, it can feel super challenging to come up with and stay on top of meals – particularly healthy ones!

For many of us, this is an exceptionally busy time of year – we’re juggling holiday parties, trips, visits from out-of-town family and friends, our kids’ school schedules, and general end-of-year preparation.

All this seasonal activity doesn’t leave much time to focus on food prep; so, it can be easy to find ourselves eating out or running through the drive-through much more than we would like. This can add up both financially, as well as on our waistline!

So, let’s talk tips to simplify things as far as meals go, and make sure you and your family are stocked up and prepared – with the help of Karen’s Spice Kitchen, of course!

1. Take the time during a weekend or a free day to cook extra portions of foods like rice, quinoa, or farro. The size of your family or the number of visitors you may be expecting can help determine how much you’ll need. Then use our simple and delicious spice blends to whip up a double batch of one of our incredible curries!

This way, you have the makings of a quick, healthy meal ready to go in a pinch! (Plus you’ll have enough for another meal, or two, or three, as well!)

2. Make the freezer your best friend! Worried about keeping too much food in your refrigerator and things going bad? Use food storage containers to load up that freezer, where food will last a long time. That way, you’re stocked and ready! When it’s time for dinner, just defrost and heat, without compromising any flavor!

3. Choose meals that can be created simply! Not only do our spice blends help you concoct delicious and nutritious meals, but our one-pot recipes, step-by-step instructions, and simple ingredient list will ensure your night of cooking is fun and headache-free. Involve the kiddos for a fun family activity and learning experience!

Not only do our spice blends create dishes that are exotic, delicious, and good for both our bodies and our wallets, but they also make unique and thoughtful gifts!

This holiday season, why not give your family members and friends who love to cook the gift of rich, scrumptious spice blends that they can use to whip up an incredible winter meal?

At Karen’s Spice Kitchen, we have created 16 mouthwatering blends to choose from - including Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Rogan Josh, and American Brew Stew.

Our colorful and artfully designed packages are the perfect addition to a gift basket or can be packaged on their own as a sweet little holiday gift.

Our spices also make excellent stocking stuffers, as well as ideal “thank you” gifts for hairdressers, housekeepers, mailmen/women, your children’s school teachers, and anyone else you can think of!

Below check out these recent 5-STAR REVIEWS from some of our happy customers! Receive FREE SHIPPING when you order 4 or more blends!

Five STAR Reviews

“A flavor thrill! 5 stars! We met Karen and she introduced us to her passion to share life and love through great food. Visited her website and pulled out a sampling to try. WOW! What a great way to add to the dining experience. The Butter Chicken curry was our favorite. So easy, my wife even let me be in charge in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing your passion and expanding our palette.”

- Scot and June, S. – Atlanta, GA

“I tried my first packet of Karen’s spice mixture when I was vacationing in Hendersonville, NC. We stopped at a gift shop in Tryon where I purchased the packet for Butter Chicken. My husband and I absolutely loved the recipe. I immediately went on the website and purchased additional spice packets. I recently made the Bobotie and was, once again, delighted with the results. I can’t wait to try all of the other packets I purchased and will definitely be trying them all. Thank you, Karen!!!”

- Deborah M. – Naples, FL

“Thumbs up and five stars for the Massaman Chicken/Beef Curry. Made it with chicken and it was fantastic. I also made the green bean salad recipe on the inside of the box and they were a perfect combination. Great entrees and side dish recipes! What could be better?”

- Janice J. – Brasstown, NC

“Thank you for spicing up our world! The Tikka Masala and the Korma are delicious. I have tried to make Indian dishes before on my own but couldn’t get the spices right. You make it easy and delicious. I am a big fan! I look forward to trying more of your blends.”

- Sarah W. – Greer, SC

AND you can feel good that you are helping to support a family-owned small business. Shop Karen's Spice Kitchen to view our selection of spice blends and to place your order!

You can also find us on Instagram @karensspicekitchen or on Facebook.


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