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Spice Up Your Festive Holiday Season

By Erin Paly

The festive season is officially here! This time of year is one for gratitude, tasty treats, cozy nights indoors, and perhaps best of all, giving and sharing with loved ones.

Sharing time with family and friends around a delicious hearty meal is one of the best parts of the holidays. And while the giving and receiving of gifts can be tons of fun, many people end up stressing this time of year because they simply have NO idea what to give to the important people in their lives (and who really needs another journal or pair of socks?!)

If this is you, we’ve got some good news. Karen’s Spice Kitchen to the rescue for BOTH. It’s time to dust off the ol’ crock pot and create some scrumptious cold-weather-inspired comfort food! And at Karen’s Spice Kitchen, we’ve created 16 mouthwatering blends to choose from including our delectable American Brew Stew, Butter Chicken, and Chicken/Lamb Korma.

As far as holiday gifting goes this season, why not give your family and friends who love to cook the gift of delicious, gourmet spice blends that they can use to quickly and easily whip up an incredible, hearty, healthy meal?

Our colorful and artfully designed and packaged spice blends are the perfect addition to a gift basket or can be packaged on their own as an attractive little holiday gift.

Our blends also make excellent stocking stuffers, and are ideal gifts for hairdressers, mailmen/women, holiday party hosts/hostesses, your children’s school teachers, and basically any other special or important people in your life!

Not only do our spice blends make a rare and thoughtful gift, but they also create dishes that are unique, good for you, and tantalizing to the taste-buds. AND you can feel good that you are helping to support a small business.

Head over to our website to view our selection of 16 spice blends and to order! We offer beautiful organza gift bags (shown below) which come with a gift card for your personalized message.

Receive FREE shipping when you order 4 or more blends!

Best wishes to you and yours for a joyful holiday season! XOXO, Karen’s Spice Kitchen


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