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“Spring” Into Flavor!

By Erin Paly

Dear loyal friends and customers,

After a long winter season, spring is finally here! Shades of green are popping up in fields and on trees, flowers are blooming, and warm sunshine is upon us once more!

Here at Karen’s Spice Kitchen, we could not be more excited to partake in all of the incredible activities this season has to offer. For many of us, one of the best parts of spring weather is a renewed excitement to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and blossoming natural world. Activities like camping, hiking, fishing and water sports are all fantastic ways to get out there and enjoy the best of what the season has to offer.

Another exciting part of spring is the return of outdoor gatherings and picnics! And what better way to enjoy this return than by dusting off and breaking out your grill?!

Whether you’re a meat-loving carnivore, a vegan, or somewhere in between, the fact remains that grilling outdoors is one of the best ways to experience this gorgeous season with a group of family and friends.

While there’s nothing wrong with regular ol’ burgers and hot dogs, it can be nice to mix things up here and there and try something new and exotic!

We make two blends that are a *heavenly* match for the grill – our Hungarian Paprika Chicken/Fish blend and our Middle Eastern Burgers/Kabobs blend. Use them to add a delicious and unique flavor to meat, veggies, plant-based protein, or even as a marinade or sauce! Despite the names of the blends, keep in mind that these spices are versatile.

Your creativity is truly the only limit to the many ways our mouthwatering spice blends can be utilized!

Head on over to our website to order your spice packets… (we carry 16 incredible blends to choose from – and offer FREE shipping if you order 4 or more!), then get ready to gather your favorite human beings, venture outdoors, and fire up that grill!

Sending the happiest spring wishes to you and yours!


Karen Paly, Karen's Spice Kitchen

Check out these recent reviews from some of our amazing customers!

Lisa M. from Weaverville, NC

“I love these spice packets! They are so easy to put together and very tasty. A great meal to serve to guests!”

Danuta L. from Cedar Grove, NJ

“Making a curry could not be easier. Karen’s spice packets are so convenient and easy to follow. She has very helpful information and instructions in the box of the spice packets. Guests will really love this meal and you can make it mild or spicy as there’s a separate spice packet to make it as spicy as you’d like. Karen’s customer service is amazing and accommodating and the best part is free shipping when you buy 4 or more packets. Shipping was fast, too. An all-around win! I recommend these spices to everyone and I gift them to my friends and family because they are amazing!”

William G. from Asheville, NC

“The fastest, easiest and most enjoyable way to prepare a truly remarkable Indian meal. We’ve been eating these spice packet dishes from the very beginning and they only get better! Fill your pantry with them! You can’t go wrong with these flavorful packets from Karen’s Spice Kitchen. We’d like to pick a favorite but we just can’t. They’re all soooo… Good!”

Amber J. from Hopkins, SC

“AMAZING! I’m not much of a review writer, but I am so impressed with this product. Simple, quick, complex, and incredibly delicious. Ordering more now!”


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