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With Many Things Still Uncertain, Don’t Let Dinner Be One of Them

By: Erin Paly

Dear friends and valued customers,

As summer draws to an end and cooler temperatures loom just around the corner, many of us are feeling some uncertainty about what life in the winter of 2020 may look and feel like.

With many restaurants only offering outdoor seating, dining out at some of our favorite spots may only become more challenging as the weather changes. I don’t know about you, but I’m not too excited about bundling up in winter coats, a scarf, and a hat to go sit outside to have dinner (unless I’m surrounded by heaters!)

With that being said, it’s probably not news to many of you that small businesses have been struggling during this time. Restaurants are among the worst affected, and they could also use our help more than ever before. If your favorite local joint offers dine-in, takeout or delivery, take advantage of the opportunity to support a small business you enjoy.

On the other hand, many of us are looking for ways to stay comfy and warm in our own homes while we enjoy a tasty, hand-crafted dinner, and if that sounds like you – then read on for the perfect idea!

Karen’s Spice Kitchen offers 16 unique, mouth-watering spice blends that will help you create a most delectable ethnic meal. Not only do our blends help you craft delicious meals, but our one-pot recipes, step-by-step instructions, simple ingredient list on the back of the package, AND a list of suggested side dishes will ensure your night of cooking is fun, creative, and EASY!

Of course, a major facet of life that many of us have been missing this year is social connection. Making dinner at home is a wonderful experience and a perfect opportunity to involve your kids or grandkids, invite guests, or have a night of family fun with the people you love most. Maybe even break out the board games and a good bottle of wine, and make it a night to remember. If you and your guests so choose, you could even set up your home’s seating arrangements to help maintain social distancing!

By the way, if you’re the type who, no matter the weather, still wants to get out there and explore the great outdoors this fall and winter, Karen’s Spice Kitchen will be there for you too! Our spice blends are conveniently packaged in compact pouches- perfect for slipping in a bag for car or RV camping. With minimal ingredients needed, and only a pot, a knife, and a spoon required for the cooking, (cutting board optional; you could use a plate), there’s no reason why you can’t eat like royalty - even when you’re outside enjoying nature!

Head over to our website today,, to view our selection of 16 amazing spice blends and to order some for yourself or for a friend! Not only will you love our product, but you can feel good that you are helping to support small businesses during these challenging times. 😊 Happy cooking!


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